Mi Mesa Mobile App

Bilal Haider Makki - Senior React Native Developer
Syed Atif Abbass - React Native Developer
Muhammad Tayyab Makki - React/NextJS Web App developer
Hafiz Tayyab Gulzar - Backend Developer
MySQL Database, Microservices using Loopback4, React Native Mobile App, Admin Panel using NextJS
Mi Mesa

Mi Mesa is a mobile and web application designed to help streamline the reservation process. This idea has been in the making for almost 2 years. Our main goals are to help our partners with uneven client turnover, lower no-shows, and long wait times. We want to connect people to the restaurants they know and love, and also help them to discover new places. It was from this passion that the Mi Mesa App was born.

UI/UX Solution

The goal for the website was to bring the look and feel of the brand to the web while creating an easy to navigate, informative site. We took a complex topic and distilled it down to an organizational structure that would make sense to normal people. To make the content easier to digest, we simplified copy and focused on type pairings and typography rules that make reading on the web much easier. The overall aesthetic was meant to convey a sense of tradition while inspiring trust.

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